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Anita Lingerie Mastectomy Bras
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Harwayes Lingerie

On 29th March 2011, Harwayes embarked on a new chapter in its long history of providing beautiful lingerie and accessories to its customers.

Harwayes has been acquired by Saffron Lingerie of Stafford and will continue to provide you with the brands and ranges of lingerie that you are familiar with, as well as adding a "Pinch of Saffron" to expand and enhance the Harwayes ranges.

Sports Lingerie

Sportswear Lingerie (A-HH)

We have only selected bras designed by leading sports bra manufacturers, including Shock Absorber, Freya, Elomi and Royce.

There are sports bras to suit everyone here - whether you are a serious runner with a large bust (have a look at Freya Active) or are looking for an everyday comfort bra to walk the dog. (We suggest the Royce Impact Free - you won't know you're wearing it!)

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Mastectomy Lingerie

Regaining your confidence after breast surgery can be a daunting task. Our staff offer a wealth of experience, advice and support which will help you decide on a bra that will suit your needs, helping you towards restoring your self confidence.

We have a wide selection of mastectomy bras in different fabrics, shapes and colours, and have selected some of the best sellers for our online range.

Please contact us if you would like any advice or are looking for a specific item - 01889 502643 

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Maternity Lingerie

Harwayes lingerie have selected some of our best sellers along with those that we and our customers believe are the best fitting bras on the market for our Maternity range. Our selection offers you the maximum comfort and support that is vital throughout your pregnancy.

The importance of wearing the correct bra during your pregnancy and then whilst you are breast-feeding is imperative. Your breasts will become increasingly sensitive as your body changes so it is essential to wear a good fitting, supportive bra to maximise your comfort.

Ensuring your bra is correctly fitted is also an important consideration. Your breasts will grow and your rib cage will expand up until about 1 month before your due date, making it advisable to get yourself measured frequently through your pregnancy.

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